Comments on In-Memory Databases in Business Information Systems

In-memory databases, which keep the full data set in the main memory for reading accesses, and their application in business information systems, receive more and more attention due to the development and marketing of SAP technology HANA. In issue 6/2011 of the journal Business & Information Systems Engineering, a total of 11 authors discuss potential […]

Open Educational Resources

The popularity of the concept of Open Educational Resources (OER) has increased since the MIT announced the opening of their educational materials for the public in the Open Courseware Initiative in 2001. Many organizations, institutions, and individuals have joined this idea and initiative. Simultaneously, researchers in education, business and information systems engineering (BISE), and other […]

AMaturity Model forManagement Control Systems

Corporate management in today‚Äôs international companies has become increasingly complex. To cope with the growing challenges, information technology (IT)-based management control systems (MCSs) covering reporting, planning, and consolidation have been deployed. Despite their tradition in management research, the right setup of MCSs is still challenging. Maturity models (MMs) are an established instrument to identify strengths […]

The Interplay of Project Control and Interorganizational Learning: Mitigating Effects on Cultural Differences in Global, Multisource ISD Outsourcing Projects

Research into global, multisource, information systems development outsourcing projects has uncovered management challenges, including cultural differences on multiple levels. While control mechanisms and interorganizational learning have been shown to contribute to the mitigation of cultural differences in such projects, a gap persists regarding the effect of the interplay between these mechanisms. This study employs an […]

The Energy Turnaround

When the tsunami hit the Fukushima atomic plant in Japan inMarch 2011, causing the reactor disaster, it was impossible to predict the consequences for the future of energy supply.Many countries have considerably strengthened their activities since then to realize an energy turnaround, i.e., a switch from nuclear power and fossil fuels to a more sustainable […]