03/2019 Data Analytics and Optimization for Decision Support

Special Issue: Traditional methods for addressing an industrial optimization problem usually follows the workflow of “Modeling-Algorithm-Analysis”. This means first formulating a specific industrial problem and establishing its mathematical optimization model, then finding or designing an algorithm/method addressing the problem, and finally analyzing the results. This method is primarily used when not enough data is available. […]

01/2019 Design Science Research and Digital Innovation

Special Issue: There has been a surge of interest in design science research (DSR) in information systems (IS) in the last decade. DSR is now recognized as an important field of research in IS. The goal of the DSR paradigm is to extend the boundaries of human and organizational capabilities by designing new and innovative […]

5/2018 Service Systems Engineering

Special Issue: Service systems are socio-technical systems that enable value co-creation. Service systems engineering (SSE) calls for research on evidence-based design knowledge for such systems that permeate our society. The ongoing process of digitization renders more and more systems capable of contextualizing what they deliver to individual and institutional actors. In doing so, these systems […]

6/2017 Blockchain Technology in Business and Information Systems Research

Special Issue: The blockchain is a distributed digital ledger technology that is maintained and governed by a consensus mechanism. A blockchain is essentially a record of digital events. However, it is not “just a record”, it is a distributed immutable record that is shared among many different independent parties, and it can be updated only […]

3/2018 Smart Cities and Digitized Urban Management

Special Issue: The Smart City concept stands at the confluence of several global technological, socioeconomic, and environmental megatrends. On the technological front, Big Data, analytics, block chain, and the Internet of Things enable an ever more interconnected network of people, services, and infrastructures. On the socioeconomic front, urbanization drives people to the cities in search […]

1/2018 Enterprise Modeling for Business Agility

Special Issue: The pace of change in business constantly accelerates, whereas the context for this change is becoming more complex. Today’s business environments entail cooperation with different organizations, rapidly changing business activities and processes, and an intensive competitive landscape. Enterprises need therefore the capability to respond quickly and efficiently to these challenges, and even to […]

5/2017 Exploring the IT Artefact: Advances in Information Systems Analysis and Design

Special Issue: The design of IT artefacts, such as enterprise software systems, conceptual models, analysis and development tools, languages and methods, has been at the core of our discipline from its very origin. Instead of focussing on the actual use of IT in organisations, this kind of research is aimed at the question how to […]

3/2017 Computational Mobility, Transportation and Logistics

Special Issue in Business & Information Systems Engineering Special Focus Planning and control of modern mobility, transportation and logistics services (MTL) requires adequate support by information systems. Recent examples from the area of shared mobility services show that many of these services have been enabled by innovative information systems. This is the focus of the […]

1/2017 Human Information Behaviour in IS Development and Use

Human Information Behaviour in IS Development and Use Human information behaviour (HIB) is a multi-disciplinary field at the intersection of different scientific disciplines, including Information Systems (IS), Psychology, Information Science, Sociology, and Neuroscience. It is concerned with explaining and predicting human behaviours towards information. This includes behaviours relating to acquiring, interpreting, using, and sharing information, […]

5/2016 Linked Data in Business

Linked Data in Business The Linked Data concept was first coined in 2006 is meanwhile gaining importance both from theoretical and practical perspective. Several European research projects have paved the way for more advanced business applications. For a wider adoption by enterprises several higher-level challenges have to be overcome. There is a common misunderstanding concerning […]