5/2015 Economics and Value of IS

Published : 07.04.2014 | Categories: Call For Papers

Special Issue

A major part of our current economy is based on the value creation through Information Systems (IS) that enable the creation, exchange, and processing of large amounts of information. This results in new business models such as the upcoming sharing economy and opportunities for firms such as product customization, analyzing consumer-produced content, or marketing through social networks. However, the details on how such new business models and opportunities affect organizations, industries, economies and societies in the long run still have to be investigated. The special issue on economics and value of IS considers various issues related to IS and IT including economics of information goods, platforms, cloud computing, mobile services, as well as the impact of IT-driven business models on existing organizations, industries, economies, and societies.
The common element across all papers is that they are expected to make an original contribution to the theory or practice of creating, adopting or using information technology. This may come from examining new phenomena, applying a new theoretical perspective, or by gathering new data. Authors should focus on articulating their unique contribution, linking it both to the body of their study and contrasting it to the characterization from prior research.

This special issue invites theoretical and empirical submissions that comprise – but are not restricted to – topics like:

  • Economics of information and communication goods (pricing, bundling, policies, …)
  • Business models for information goods
  • Economics of service networks
  • Internet Economics
  • Adoption of Cloud Computing
  • Matching in electronic markets – issues of efficiency and mechanism design
  • Economics of mobile services
  • Decision-making in electronic markets
  • Network effects of IS
  • Economics of IT infrastructures
  • Business Value of IT projects and programs
  • IT, productivity and organizational complements
  • Online auctions – issues of trust, simultaneity and competing auctions
  • Platform competition, standards and multi-sided networks
  • Predictive modeling in economics of IS
  • Economics of the sharing industry

Submission Guidelines

Authors are asked to submit their papers online under the category “BISE-Econ and Value of IS” by 2014-11-01 via the journal’s submission system Editorial Manager (http://www.editorialmanager.com/buis/). All papers must follow the typing and formatting instructions for WIRTSCHAFTSINFORMATIK/BUSSINESS & INFORMATION SYSTEMS ENGINEERING (BISE) available at http://www.bise-journal.org. In particular, manuscripts should not exceed 50,000 characters (discounting 5,000 characters for each figure/table). Detailed authors’ guidelines can be downloaded from http://www.bise-journal.org.
Submissions are accepted in English only. All papers will be reviewed anonymously (double-blind process) by several referees with regard to relevance, originality, and research quality. In addition to the editors of the journal, including those of this special focus, distinguished national and international professionals with scientific and practical backgrounds will be involved in the review process.


Submission Deadline: 2014-11-01
Author notification: 2015-01-10
Completion of 1st revision: 2015-02-28
Author notification: 2015-04-18
Completion of a 2nd revision (if required): 2015-05-23
Planned publication date: October 2015

Special Issue Editors

Kunsoo Han
McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Dennis Kundisch
University of Paderborn, Germany

Christof Weinhardt
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

Steffen Zimmermann
University of Innsbruck, Austria